Nintendo has revealed Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

I loved Super Mario 3D World for many reasons but there is one that truly stands out to me, it was the Captain Toad levels, these little levels didn’t receive much attention in the basic game of Super Mario 3D World but acted as fun challenges for the lone player. Easy enough to say they developed a sort of cult following that called for more adventures for our cowardly captain, I think perhaps it was more of the way the levels were designed and how Toad moved that truly captured the players attention and earned Toad the wanting for more appeal he has developed. Clearly Nintendo has listened to its fans though and has thought about what they want and have delivered.

During today’s Digital Event Nintendo showed off a lot of different games, some expected others not and Captain Toad certainly falls into the latter catagory, I don’t believe any of us honestly expected this announcement and I like the surprise. This new announcement takes Captain Toad on a solo adventure into the depths of the unknown and sees us using the mechanics of the challenges from Super Mario 3D World to achieve success. The trailer didn’t say much but I expect a but of fun and frustration to be had with this game and also it to not be very long, short bursts, short challenges. Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is due out sometime this year and I imagine it will be released as an eShop title.

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