A release date and new details for Hyrule Warriors has been announced

Along with announcing their new Zelda game and talking about that Nintendo took the time during the digital event to look at it’s other Zelda project Hyrule Warriors which is being developed exclusively by third party developer Tecmo Koei. During today’s presentation the developers of the game discussed a series of characters in the game, multiplayer as well as the release date for the game, which is sooner then you might expect. As we know from past stories I have done Famitsu magazine has given a spotlight on some of the plot details which makes mention of Zelda being kidnapped, however even with this being the case Zelda actually appears as a playable character in the game. The multiplayer functionality of Hyrule Warriors does not allow splitscreen play but instead uses the Gamepad and the TV as a separate space where two people can play together without having to share the screen.

The developers made a point of mentioning Zelda and I am sure she will come in handy as a playable character in multiplayer, though as well as Zelda we also see a return of Midna from Twilight Princess who uses her own brand of powers to wipe out the onslaught of enemies. The developers are quite fond of Zelda and have even made use of the Zelda style of boss battles relying on finding a specific way to defeat enemies. You can expect to play Hyrule Warriors on your Wii U on September 26th.

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