Nintendo has unveiled the Octolings race for Splatoon

I was looking forward to playing as squids in Splatoon but apparently that is not all I have to look forward to as there is another race that is going to be traversing the paint soaked battlefields besides the squids, the Octolings. This has just been announced by Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand as another race of characters. In there style they will operate in a very similar manner to that of the squids and will be able to transform between their octopus and human forms as they please. As of yet it is impossible to say whether this race of characters will offer anything different to the core game or if this is just an aesthetic difference, perhaps the option of the race, either way this is pretty interesting and nice to hear there will be more then the squids. What other secrets wait in the wings to be unveiled? We will have to wait and see, however here is some screenshots of the characters and Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand’s announcement of the characters:

octo-girl-300x169 Splatoon Octolings 560-300x169

Introducing the Octolings! These tricksters from #Splatoon can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will.

The image that goes with this comment is at the top of the page so take a look there. On another note these characters do look pretty interesting don’t they I look forward to seeing how they play and what difference they potentially offer.

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