Nintendo holding Digital event at E3

Hooray I love this time of year, why is that you may ask well it is because E3 is only six weeks away. I am sure I am not alone in my excitement about seeing all the new games and experiences that are coming in the next year and beyond, particularly where Nintendo is concerned.

In a video just put on youtube we see a couple of overally anxious fans decide to infiltrate Nintendo to find out their plans for E3. Nintendo at E3 2014 will be much bigger then last years showing featuring four ways to view the action.

nintendo_digital_event__mediumFirst Nintendo has announced that their E3 presentation will again go digital this year. Except instead of being called a Nintendo Direct it will be called Nintendo Digital Event. The Event will air on Tuesday, June 10th at 9 A.M. Pacific (noon Eastern time) and will reveal and provide further details about gaming experiences coming to Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo also announced that developers from the Nintendo of America Treehouse will be streaming throughout E3 with live, unscripted demos from the Nintendo booth. This should be great as we will get the chance to have the developers sit and tell us more about the game in a somewhat better way.

nintendo_treehouse__mediumThe description for the Digital Event states that we’ll be seeing game reveals as well as more information about previously announced titles, we already know we will be seeing the next Zelda game at E3 but perhaps we might get to hear about Retro’s next game, and we will also get to more about Hyrule Warriors and X.

I hope you are all excited for E3 as this could very well be the best E3 ever and I can’t wait.

Here is the video for you to look at.

Source: Gamnesia

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