Nintendo looks at the history of the Star Fox franchise in new Star Fox Zero trailer

The Star Fox franchise does not exactly have the brand recognition of some of Nintendo’s other first party franchises like Mario and Zelda, nor does it have the extensive back catalogue of varying games that these other franchises have. Nevertheless Star Fox has cemented itself as part of Nintendo gaming history thanks in turn to some of the great games the franchise has offered. Star Fox for the Super Nintendo started it all, Star Fox 64 or Lylat Wars cemented the franchises place, Star Fox Adventures, Assault and Command did not exactly pan out but still we hoped for a new game so in flies Star Fox Zero.

You may be asking why am I talking about the franchises history, well it is because Nintendo has acknowledged the franchises history within the new trailer. This one shows off the franchise and how it has evolved over the years showing the varying games from the franchise all leading up to Star Fox Zero. For starters this trailer puts it more into perspective just how incredible the game looks, and seeing how the gameplay has evolved across time makes the new game look all the more interesting.

If there is one disappointment that this trailer really highlights it is the fact there is no sections in the new game that sees us playing as Fox himself not in a vehicle like in Assault and Adventure. Still this game looks fun and you can admire the franchises history in the trailer below:

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