Nintendo needs to sell two million copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo’s latest shareholder meeting has revealed some interesting details about the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including the sales that Nintendo needs the game to reach.

These little bits of information have been translated by Twitter user Cheesemeister. Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that the game has over 100 staff members that have worked on over the five years it has been in development, furthermore the game will have over 300 people in the credits.

In terms of sales Nintendo needs to achieve at least two million sales and hopes to sell the game in large volumes, this is all due to the cost for production. Miyamoto has reportedly said:

“The costs [of production] will be recovered by selling in large volumes”, passing 2 million sales. A game is a hit in the domestic market if it reaches 300k sales, but we’re targeting worldwide sales.”

While I don’t think the Wii U version is going to be a smash hit, I have no doubts in the NX version and I think two million copies is actually pretty reasonable. This game is already a big deal and I feel it will sell the NX, perhaps if promotions are done right and cards are played strategically it could thrive even more.

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