Nintendo NX coming in March 2017, likely not to be at E3

Nintendo has announced its financial results and with it has revealed many some big details, namely the Nintendo NX has now been dated but not for when we were expecting. Nintendo has officially revealed that the Nintendo NX will be arriving in March of 2017, this of course moves it out of competition with its competitors hardware the Playstation VR.

In addition it is looking like the system won’t be shown at E3, this comes courtesy of The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki who shares that Nintendo will be focusing more on Zelda instead.

While this does bring us any concrete on the system this does provide some exciting news for 2017. However I have to wonder if Nintendo perhaps has more Zelda related projects in the works to compensate, perhaps one that will act as a unique spin off in the vain of Star Fox Guard.

We can look forward to 2017 for the Nintendo NX and Zelda U.

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