Nintendo Shot Down The Idea Of A ‘Walupeach’ Character

A Japanese article from 2008 has been rediscovered and translated online, and it’s a wild one. The article reveals that alongside the creation of Waluigi, there were also plans to create a ‘Walupeach’ character, which were shot down by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto before even seeing the design. The interview came from a Japanese Nintendo magazine, and was dug up by Twitter user Gosokkyu, who we sincerely thank for bringing this tragedy to our attention.

The full article is an interview with Shugo Takahashi, one of the founders of Camelot Software Planning, and main game designer of Mario Tennis. While working on the game, he oversaw the creation of Waluigi, which Nintendo approved immediately, only changing the inverted ‘L’ on his hat. From this, the ill-fated creation began on Walupeach for Camelot’s next project.

Miyamoto imagined a Walupeach would look like anime villain Doronjo. (image credit: @MalteserRefs on Twitter)

Walupeach would have been a “datenshi-style” character, meaning something similar to a fallen angel. However, Miyamoto rejected the idea, assuming it would be too similar to Doronjo, a villain from the anime series Yatterman. A fallen angel is a perfect idea for an inverted version of the sweet and lovely Princess Peach, and it’s quite a shame we never got to see it.

With the internet’s obsession with the goofy Waluigi, as well as the viral success of the fan-made hybrid Bowsette character, it’s clear that fans would have loved a villainous Peach. The name Walupeach wouldn’t work very well, but we’re sure it was just a placeholder for something better. For now, the only inverted Peach we have is Daisy, but it’s nice to think on what could have been.

Do you want to see a Walupeach? What would you name such a character? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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Baron Aloha
Baron Aloha
1 year ago

Midjourney, make it so!
comment image

1 year ago

Just last monday I was talking about how I would love to see a “Princess Weach”. This article makes me sad.