Nintendo Switch Version 10.0.0 Released

On April 13, Nintendo released the latest update to its popular Switch console. The update, released as Version 10.0.0, was announced via the official Nintendo Support Web site.

Most Switch owners will find that the update downloads automatically once their console is online. If the update does not begin downloading for you, you can manually start it from the System Settings menu on your Switch. If errors continue to persist beyond that point, Nintendo encourages restarting your console and trying again before contacting Nintendo Support.

The patch notes indicate that Version 10.0.0 contains several outstanding “quality of life” updates. First, a “Bookmark” function has been added to the News section of the Switch. Up to 300 News items may be bookmarked at once, and Switch users can go back, and re-view bookmarked News items as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Also, users now have the option to transfer downloadable software, update data, and downloadable content (DLC) from the system’s memory to an SD card and vice versa. With more and more great titles releasing for the Switch every day, gamers will rejoice at the ability to expand their Switch’s storage capabilities significantly. Keep in mind that Nintendo indicates in the patch notes that transferable options do not include save data.

Switch owners can now customize their play experience more than ever before. You can now change analog stick and button configurations for every controller that has been paired with your Switch. Additionally, up to five custom configurations per controller can be saved to the system’s memory. The ability to create personalized settings applies to both Left and Right Joy-Cons, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

A new section, “Play Activity Settings,” has been added to the User Settings menu. Players may now use this menu to display or delete their play activity settings. Previously, these options were included under “Friends Settings.”

Finally, six new user icons are now available. These new icons feature characters and images from the recently released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including Flick, CJ, and unique “Island” versions of the Nook family and Isabelle.

More people than ever before have been buying and playing the Nintendo Switch games, especially New Horizons, which have been heralded as the perfect form of entertainment for the stay-at-home quarantine lifestyle. With the Switch’s personality ever-increasing, this update couldn’t have come at a better time!

How have you been enjoying Switch Version 10.0.0? Let us know!

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