Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Protect Islands with “Turnip Bouncers”

Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons player knows one thing: the Stalk Market is a serious business. There is no better way to earn loads and loads of Bells than by buying and selling turnips from the sweet sow Daisy Mae. More than a handful of players have even used the Market to become New Horizons billionaires quickly — or would that be “bell-ionaires”?

If your own island’s turnip prices leave something to be desired, you can always head over to another player to try your luck at their version of Nook’s Cranny. Some players have even been kind enough to open their island to the general public – with mixed results.

Sometimes, opening your island can be a profitable gesture as well as a kind one, as players will leave tips or gifts to thank you once they have concluded their Stalk Market business. However, other players have reported the opposite experience. Visiting players, rather than leaving behind a token, have stolen money and other items – perhaps even including the island owner’s very own precious turnips!

How is a humble islander to combat the risk of visitors who might have more than turnip trading in mind? One surprising solution, which has begun to gain popularity on Twitter, is hiring “turnip bouncers” to ensure that everything runs smoothly. These bouncers ensure that visitors wait in an orderly line to visit Nook’s Cranny, discourage them from stealing or vandalizing the island and encouraging them to leave tips – which the grateful island owner will usually split with them.

Players serving as “turnip bouncers” have embraced the role, showing up to their veggie-guarding gigs clad in dark glasses, SECURITY shirts, “bulletproof” vests, gas masks and more. Players have taken to Twitter to share their “bouncers” unique looks. Check out @ottermochi’s setup, which quickly went viral, here:

If you’re looking for a new way to spend your time in New Horizons, why not volunteer to serve as “turnip security” for a friend or two? You might even come out of it with some brand new swag from thankful stalk market hopefuls!

Have you had experience opening your island to the public for Stalk Market trading? Have your visitors behaved? Let us know!

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