Nintendo thinks they have the definitive version of Kerbal Space Program

Nintendo accidentally let the news slip yesterday that Kerbal Space Program would be heading to the Wii U, and for many Wii U owners this was exciting news. For a console that is all about its Gamepad developers don’t seem to use it much but with Kerbal Space Program we may have found the perfect game to match the system’s true functionality, something which could make this the best version of the game. While it still remains to be seen Nintendo seems to agree with this sentiment with the belief that they will have the definitive version of the game on their platform.

Nintendo’s Damon Baker had this to say while speaking with Game Informer:

“We feel we have the definitive version on Wii U because of our interface. You’ll be able to utilize the touchscreen and the GamePad in a number of different ways from actually building the spacecraft and navigating the spacecraft and even getting different perspectives. You’ll be able to fly the spacecraft from the cockpit utilizing the GamePad as a different viewpoint.”


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