North American Nintendo Downloads 6/25/15, fox’s and wolves

It’s a great week to be a Nintendo fan, no matter which section of the world you live in the eShop has some amazing releases and with what America got this week I am honestly jealous. In America the Nintendo DS virtual console saw some pretty decent love with the release of Star Fox Command, a much different styling to the Star Fox franchise and the last new game we received. There is also Mario & Luigi Partners in Time which was one of the more interesting games in the Mario & Luigi franchise and a must play for fans who may have missed the game.

Among brand new games players can experience a beautiful journey  that tells the story of an ancient tribe and the truly heartfelt and deep journey of a girl and her wolf, Never Alone is a must play game on the Wii U eShop and is a memorable experience. . Wii U fans can also look forward to playing Shiftlings a game I don’t know much about. Here are the full listings so you can decide what you may be playing this week:

Wii U Download

Art Academy: Home Studio – $29.99 ($4 off if you have Art Academy: SketchPad)
Never Alone – $14.99
Shiftlings – $14.99

Wii U Virtual Console

Star Fox Command – $9.99
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time – $9.99

3DS Themes

Comic Workshop 2: My Workshop
Harvest Moon: Chicken
Harvest Moon: Cow
Harvest Moon: Dog
Harvest Moon: Horse
Harvest Moon: Theme Bundle


G.G Series NYOKKI – $1.99
G.G Series THROW OUT – $1.99
G.G Series VERTEX – $1.99
G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN – $1.99
G.G Series THE LAST KNIGHT – $1.99
G.G Series RUN & STRIKE – $1.99
G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!! – $1.99

eShop Sales

Wii U

– Baila Latino is 33 percent off (reduced from $29.90 to $19.90) until 8:59 a.m. PT on July 14.
– Puzzle Monkeys is 50 percent off (reduced from $2.99 to $1.49) until 8:59 a.m. PT on July 23.
– Stone Shire is 50 percent off (reduced from $7.99 to $3.99) until 8:59 a.m. PT on Aug. 1.


– Grab discounts on 3D Sonic the Hedgehog, 3D Streets of Rage and more classic 3D games from SEGA beginning at 9 a.m. PT on June 25 until 8:59 a.m. PT on July 2.
– Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is 25 percent off (reduced from $39.99 to $29.99) until 8:59 a.m. PT on July 14.
– Aqua Moto Racing 3D is 50 percent off (reduced from $7.99 to $3.99) until 8:59 a.m. PT on July 2.

Price Reductions

– Pyramids is reduced to $1.99 (from $3.99).
– Big Hero 6 Battle in the Bay is reduced to $19.99 (from $29.99) beginning at 9 a.m. PT on June 26.
– Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is $29.99 (reduced from $39.99) beginning at 9 a.m. PT on June 29.


Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. “Global Cup 2” Tournament – See how your Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. squad stacks up online in Nintendo’s Public Tournaments. Top players earn unique titles that are visible online and earn major bragging rights with their friends and around the world. The new “Global Cup 2” tournament runs from June 25 to July 1. Opt in via the SpotPass feature on your Nintendo 3DS family system for notifications on future tournaments, and click here for more information about multiplayer tournaments. Good luck, agents!

Source: Nintendo PR

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