Octopath Traveler 2: How To Buy A Boat

Octopath Traveler 2 added a bunch of exciting new content to improve even further over the original Octopath Traveler. This Square Enix JRPG features connected stories starring multiple travelers, new secret jobs to unlock, new rare monsters to hunt, and much, much more. One of these new additions was the ability to journey across the water, as the land of Solistia is split between Eastern and Western continents with a vast ocean in the middle.

While you can pay to take the ferry between continents from various harbors in both East and West, it’s definitely recommended to pick up your very own boat. With this boat, you can explore the seas ,find hidden islands, fight powerful ocean-dwelling monsters, and maybe even discover some sunken treasure!

This guide will take you through every step you need to purchase your very own ocean-going boat in Octopath Traveler 2. Use this guide to enjoy journeying across the waters!

Recruit Partitio the Merchant


Before you can buy a boat, you need a Merchant to negotiate for you. Obtaining the boat requires using Partitio the Merchant’s Path Action Purchase, so he must join your band first. Partitio can be found in the town of Oresrush on the Western Continent, which is marked on your in-game Map with a picture of Partitio. Simply talk to this traveling Merchant to encourage him to join up. (Unless you chose Partitio as your starting Traveler, in which case he will already be in your band!)

Once Partitio has joined, visit the tavern in Oresrush to view his Chapter 1 story. The story features Partitio on his own, and you will have to complete it without access to any other travelers, items, or equipment. Luckily, he can use his Hire Path Action to pay allies to join up and help him in battle.

Visit the Shipwright in Tropu’Hopu

boat 2

After completing Partitio’s Chapter 1, a quest will be unlocked called “The Scent of Commerce.” Several locations will be marked on the map. The marker you will need to travel to is located in the town of Tropu’Hopu on Beastling Island in the southern part of Solistia.

From Oresrush, the quickest route to Tropu’hopu is to head southeast to the port town of Canalbrine. From there, you can purchase a ticket directly to Beastling Island for 1000 Leaves. Once on Beastling Island, head east until you enter Tropu’hopu.

Put Partitio in your party and head to the Shipyard in the daytime to view a cutscene. Seems like Terry the shipbuilder is reluctant to sell her recently-made boat, but can Partitio convince her? Of course he can! Partitio is able to Purchase the boat from Terry for 100,000 Leaves. After another cutscene, the boat will be yours to keep.

Use Hire to Decrease the Price


100,000 leaves is quite a lot of money in Octopath Traveler 2, even if you’ve been battling monsters and stealing items from people all across Solistia. Luckily, Partitio can use his Hire Path Action and his special ability Business Partners to team up with locals who can help convince Terry to decrease the price somewhat.

Simply turn day into night and talk to people around town with Partitio to observe their various Hire abilities. You should look for someone who either provides a flat discount when buying items or has a percentage chance of earning a discount. Here are a few NPCs located in and around Beastling Island who are particularly helpful:

  • A Scholar standing on the beach of Tropu’hopu. Has the skill “Coy Wink” – 8% chance to receive 50% off purchase.
  • An Apothecary in the village of Toto’haha. Has the skill “Lucky Break” – 1% chance to receive purchase for free.
  • A Merchant in central Tropu’hopu. Has the skill “Silver Tongue” – Receive 20% off purchases.

Coy Wink and Lucky Break may require you to save and reload a few times, but if you get extra lucky, you can even get this very expensive item for free!

Decorate Your Boat & Set Sail

Boat 1

Once you’ve purchased the boat, Terry will allow you to change the color and sail decoration of the boat. You can choose between Red, Black, Blue, or Unpainted for color and Octopus, Sun, Trident, or None for the symbol painted on your boat’s sails. Unfortunately, you cannot name the boat in Octopath Traveler 2, as Partitio will dub her the “Grand Terry” after her creator.

Now, you can use your boat to set sail from the Shipyard in Tropu’hopu. However, you might not want to do so immediately. Most monsters in the ocean are Level 34 or higher, so you will need a decently highly leveled party to be able to survive Solistia’s treacherous waters. However, exploring the sea is definitely recommended, as the waters are full of chests that can help you earn back those 100,000 leaves that you just spent. Plus, using the boat is the only way to unlock the Arcanist Secret Job for your party.

Congratulations – now you’ve got your very own boat in Octopath Traveler 2! Check out GameLuster’s other Octopath Traveler 2 guides to learn about how to unlock skills for the Inventor job, use taverns to restore your party’s reputation, and more.

Have you been enjoying Octopath Traveler 2? Who is your favorite of the eight travelers? What fun secrets have you been able to discover while exploring the ocean on your very own boat? Comment below and let us know!

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