Octopath Traveler Mobile App Sees Successful Japan-Only Launch

Western fans of Octopath Traveler were disappointed when the long-awaited mobile app, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, was revealed to (so far) only be releasing in Japan. The game, which was announced in 2019 before being delayed to late 2020, saw a Japan-only launch for iOS and Android devices on October 28, and has since proven to be a hit.

The story of Champions of the Continent (alternately translated as Conquerors of the Continent) is set approximately three years before Octopath Traveler. It stars a staggering sixty-four new playable Travelers, representing the eight standard playable classes from the original. Players can summon these Travelers using a gacha system and fight in turn-based battles using a party of up to eight players (compared to four in Octopath itself).

A number of locations from the Continent of Orsterra return for players to explore, including the desert town of Sunshade, the peaceful village of Clearbrook, and the mysterious Woodlands where the hunters and beast tamers make their camps.

The app’s release has been extremely successful, reaching five million players within one week of its debut. Its popularity further increased when the first of the original Travelers, H’aanit the huntress, was released as a playable character. H’aanit debuted on November 6 as a rare summon. Currently, all eight original travelers are speculated to make playable appearances, and can currently be found as cameos scattered throughout the continent.

Alongside the release of their long-awaited mobile title, Square Enix also hinted that a sequel to Octopath Traveler was in the works. The sequel will be a console release, presumably for the Nintendo Switch, but it will “take a little bit more time” before any news can be revealed, according to a translation of an interview in Famitsu magazine.

Octopath Traveler is available for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Stadia. Champions of the Continent can be played on Japanese iOS and Android devices. It has not yet been announced whether or not a Western release is forthcoming.

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