Official Fall Guys Twitter “Season 3.5” Tweets Are The Best

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is getting a mid-season update soon and, in celebration, the official Fall Guys Twitter has been Tweeting some pretty hilarious stuff. Over the past few days, the account has discussed penguin murder, fashion, the importance (or lack thereof) of the word “yeet,” opossums, Fortnite, and more.

First things first, the team made an important announcement regarding new content coming in Season 3.5. Currently, one winter-themed level, “Pegwin Persuit,” features three adorable creatures called “Pegwins” – not to be confused with penguins – named Bart, Bert, and Bort. Following the update, the three Pegwins will now be making appearances on a number of additional levels.

And why have the Fall Guys team made this decision? Well, as they clarified on Twitter… pretty much entirely so that fans can recreate an iconic moment from Super Mario 64, in which Mario could throw both a baby penguin and its parent off the edge of a map.

Additionally, the folks behind the Fall Guys Twitter solicited fans for suggestions regarding an “official” name for Season 3.5. One Twitter user, @rslcdeakins, complained about the game’s overuse of the slang word “Yeet,” which was used to name a number of in-game items including the infamous hammer “Big Yeetus”. The team eventually declared that @rslcdeakins’ suggestion would be used as the mid-season update’s name, dubbing it “stop with the yeets name it anything else just dont include the word yeet please im begging you.”

Other Tweets praised various in-game costumes, including the Dark Knight outfit, the Bucket Helmet accessory, and more. But finally, and perhaps most bizarre of all, whoever runs the Fall Guys Twitter decided to antagonize fellow multiplayer Battle Royale title Fortnite.

Fall Guys Tweeted at Fortnite: “Congratulations, you have subscribed for regular random opossum tweets. Retweet to unsubscribe.” This was accompanied by a picture of a screaming opossum. At this time, it does not seem as if the Fortnite Twitter has responded.

As Season 3.5 is releasing soon, we can expect more hilarious Tweet updates from Fall Guys in the near future.

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