“One Night in Karazhan” Hearthstone’s newest adventure gives a free wing to all players

Blizzard has rolled out the red carpet for its next adventure “Karazhan” which is scheduled to go live August 11th. The adventure puts players in the middle of one of the most lavish parties hosted by the wizard Medivh. Elegant decorations, food, and  upbeat music are just some of the things that you’ll see.

Karazhan is trying something different in the fact that the prologue will be free to all players, so everyone will get a chance to experience the adventure that awaits.

There will be a total of 4 wings, which can be purchased through in game gold for 700 or 6.99$ for 1 wing. Those who want to purchase all 4 wings at once, the price will be 19.99$. If you are the type who likes to use a combination of gold and cash, well hearthstone has you covered, the price for 3 wings will be 14.99$, or 9.99$ for two wings. Did I mention that you get a special card back if you purchase within the first week, that’s sure to make all your friends jealous

Karazhan price

Karazhan will introduce  45 new cards, new class challenges, as well as new game boards for party goers. The full list of cards for the adventure has not been released just yet, but as soon as it releases we  here at GameLuster will give you an update.

August 11th can’t get here soon enough and I look forward to seeing you at the party. If you missed the release, here’s a link to Hearthstone’s live Twitch stream that released the info.


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