Online cooperative play not happening in Hyrule Warriors

What is disappointing news for some is actually often joyous news for others and as is the case with Hyrule Warriors many of us were expecting a form of online cooperative play with people around the world in a similar fashion to how some things are achieved in Ubisofts Splinter Cell Blacklist in a selection of missions, that idea never worked by the way. The news that online co-op won’t be available in Hyrule Warriors is actually a blessing and will be a benefit for the game even if others disagree. It has been revealed that cooperative play will be exclusive to local play with a friend in the same room by the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter Account.

On a side note this does leave what kind of online functionality the game is going to have unknown for the foreseeable future, however we do know that Hyrule Warriors will at least feature a form of online functionality for some purpose of the actual game, but again I reiterate that no online cooperative play is a good thing and should make battles go a whole lot smoother being able to communicate with your friend or family sitting next to you and the antics you two can get up to will be far improved.

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