Online Games That are Good for Your Mental Health [Sponsored Post]

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Several misconceptions are associated with playing video games, whether diminishing focus and its relation to shortened attention span. However, the truth is that video games present a handful of benefits, for example, enhancement of problem-solving skills in role-playing games (RPG) like War Frame or the honing of social interaction skills through the likes of online casino Canada games. Similarly, video games are good sources of mental rest exercises due to stimulation properties like Tetris and Minecraft.

Playing online games can be beneficial. In addition, it provides a venue for stress relief and brain endurance. Ultimately, contrary to what our moms say, video games protect the brain by maintaining optimum functions that are good for mental health. Here are online games that are good for your mental health.

Mentally-stimulating online games

A well-known benefit of online games is their positive impact on mental stimulation. Regardless of the complexity and difficulty level, games stimulate the deeper parts and next-level brain functions in analysis, strategizing, and thinking on your feet. Likewise, online games facilitate critical thinking that keeps the brain sharp. Mentally stimulating games include Chess or Cards.

The gratification

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of finishing an online quest, complete with trophies and badges. These badges mark a goal achievement or an unlocked skill, or whatnot. Accomplished objectives bring happiness to the player that improves the overall well-being. For example, Dragon Quest and Counter-Strike is a goal-driven quest game that provides players with a source of gratification.

Games that promote social interaction

Virtual social interaction is a strong advantage of multiplayer online games. These games foster collaboration and teamwork and, at the same time, fosters relationships with new acquaintances. Aside from social interactions, strategizing is also one of the skills honed by multiplayer games. A perfect example of this type of game is the World of Warcraft, a game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment set in a fictional world of Azeroth.

Games that foster mental health recovery

Barring genre or the type of online games, playing can aid in trauma recovery. Games provide an alternative world that is excellent distractions from pain and psychological trauma. Interactive games with engaging storylines are suitable for individuals battling anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For example, check out the Final Fantasy Franchise. It has a universally loved narrative with impeccable graphics.

Games that encourage emotional resilience

Losing is part of the game. Therefore, online games promote emotional resilience through better coping mechanisms in the face of frustration and failures. It is valuable when it comes to children as they are in the prime of their developmental years. Aside from emotional resilience, online games likewise encourage perseverance which is a vital character-building trait. Assassin’s Creed is an RPG game that encourages camaraderie between teams and promotes stability in the face of frustration and disappointment.

Mood booster

Playing video games is an effective mood booster. It can easily alter emotions through engagement and interaction.

All in all, playing video games is advantageous to overall well-being and health. It cultivates mental stimulation, social interaction, and health recovery. But, of course, like everything else, playing should be done in moderation and with adult supervision for kids.

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