On the whole, FromSoftware has kept a low profile since the announcement of their upcoming title Elden Ring, but fortunately, Yasuhiro Kitao from FromSoftware’s marketing, production and promotion departments has shed some light on what fans can expect.

In a remote interview with Famitsu at Famitsu x Dengeki Autumn Game Day, Yasuhiro Kitao appeared to answer some questions about the game. The original interview was translated into English on Reddit.

It was here that Kitao confirmed that Elden Ring is in “the final stages of development, and we’re moving forward quietly.” He also thanked the fans and added “We will continue to develop the game to meet your expectations.” So what does this mean? Hopefully, that Elden Ring will deliver on the stellar trailers and the surrounding hype.


During the interview, Kitao was able to give fans a teaser of what they can expect from the game, saying that Elden Ring has “a very unusual map structure” and described the map as “a system that lets you go anywhere you want, but also tells you when you’re in trouble.” Interestingly, Kitao noted that “We have prepared a large field, but we don’t have any errand quests, so players can go there or there as they like.” and “there is also a system to help players avoid getting lost.”

Mirroring FromSoftware’s previous hit titles, Kitao says that Elden Ring is “a culmination of FromSoftware’s expertise in dark fantasy action. You can enjoy the high level of difficulty and the sense of accomplishment of overcoming it, the joy of discovering the unknown, and the creation of the world setting.”

Elden Ring is due for release on January 21, 2022 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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