The world could always use more heroes, or 25 million more apparently. Just ten days after launch, Overwatch 2 has officially crossed 25 million players. These huge numbers come from the combined player base of PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

The game’s success is a global phenomenon, with Asia, the Americas and a combined Europe, Middle East and Africa all having similar player numbers. This has given Overwatch 2 almost three times the peak daily player count ever reached by its predecessor Overwatch. Despite technical issues and some criticism from longtime series fans, Overwatch 2 is performing strong for Blizzard.

The launch of the game was marred by a DDoS attack, as well as server errors for new and returning players. The phone verification system also didn’t work exactly as planned, with some players being locked out of the game because of their prepaid mobile plans. Blizzard has since addressed some these problems, with the Overwatch 2 servers being more reliable now than at launch and the phone restriction being lifted for players of the original game.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko speed bosting Genji and Hanzo
Despite some launch issues, Overwatch 2 has already beaten the series record for peak daily players.

A bunch of rewards are also set to be released as an apology for the disruption, with a Legendary Cursed Captain Reaper skin and Health Pack weapon charm being given to any player logging in after Oct. 25 and before the end of Season One expected in December. There will also be three double XP weekends to boost player progression, taking place on Oct. 21 – Oct. 24, Oct. 28 – Oct. 31 and Nov. 24 – Nov. 28.

Our written 5/10 review found the gameplay of Overwatch 2 to be as fun as it ever has been, but left us somewhat disappointed with the game as a sequel with its sluggish progression and harsh monetization. We also have a first impressions video that breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly of Overwatch 2 that you can check out here.

Are you one of the 25 million players of Overwatch 2? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more Overwatch coverage.

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