PaperSeven has announced Blackwood Crossing a story driven adventure game

Independent studio PaperSeven has announced their newest game, the game is called Blackwood Crossing and is a story driven first person adventure. This game actually sounds pretty interesting as the story details events that plague many people, the idea of growing apart with time and age. This is the premise of Blackwood Crossing the story centers around two orphaned siblings, named Scarlett and Finn, and their relationship. The two children are getting older and as Scarlett reaches adulthood, the age gap begins to strain her relationship with Finn. Their troubles weave into a magical adventure once the pair meet a mysterious figure on an otherwise-normal train ride. This game sounds extremely fascinating and is apparently meant to deviate from what expect from many story driven games, the particular premise also could be very emotional and connect to many different people.

PaperSeven is hoping to have Blackwood Crossing out later this year, the game is set to come to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can watch a teaser trailer for the game below:

I think this is one independent game to keep our eyes on, surely this will develop into something truly deep and memorable, and something that has a true story to tell.

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