Phasmophobia Developer Plans to Extend Early Access Period

Indie ghost-hunting simulator Phasmophobia has, so far, been quite the unexpected success. The game, which released on Steam Early Access on September 18, centers around a group of ghost hunters entering a haunted location in order to determine what type of ghost resides there. Phasmophobia quickly gained popularity due to the large number of ghost types available, cooperative game play, and genuinely frightening moments which have also made it a hit among video game streamers. The game even features VR support, letting players get even more up close and personal with the various ghosts.

The game’s developer, Dknighter, who is the founder and sole member of new indie studio Kinetic Games, spoke to IGN regarding Phasmophobia’s unexpected success. He revealed that he plans to extend the game’s Early Access period in order to focus on both fixing bugs and adding new content for players to enjoy.

So far, Phasmophobia has had one major update, which fixed several bugs and added some Halloween-themed content in order to celebrate the season, including a ghost model which resembles Sadako / Samara from famous Japanese horror movie Ringu / The Ring. Dknighter revealed that more updates are planned for the near future, and that he hopes to add more ghosts, more equipment, and more maps before the game officially exits Early Access.

Dknighter maintains a public Trello board, where he makes notes of bugs reported by players and shares ideas for content he would like to add to the game in later updates. Planned changes include adding objectives for dead players to complete, creating Prison and Mansion themed levels, and adding a number of spooky effects including breaking glass, mysterious shadows and the sound of distant screams. Fans of Phasmophobia can look forward to the game becoming even more creepy as Dknighter continues to add content!

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