PlayStation Plus Games for April 2018 Announced

Many considered March to be a huge step up in quality for the PlayStation Plus service and its offerings. With the Ratchet and Clank remake and Bloodborne carrying the month, it would be a tough act to follow, and Sony couldn’t keep the same momentum. But don’t despair, PlayStation Plus will still offer a nice variety of games for April that could still be enjoyable.

On the PS4 side, Avalanche Studios’ 2015 adaptation of the Mad Max series brings wasteland antics. This game had many things that turned people off, but there are solid mechanics that keep it interesting as you fight to keep your car gassed and get revenge on those who wronged you. You can also get Trackmania Turbo, an arcade-style racing game that pits you against interesting track designs in a bid to get the gold medal.

While PS Plus is still available on PlayStation 3, owners of the system can look forward to In Space We Brawl,  a twin-stick shooter set in the far reaches of space where you choose a ship, pick a weapon you fancy and fight your friends in dog fights for the ages. You can also get Toy Home, a simple-looking racing game where you drive a toy car across courses set in different rooms of a house. Drive through checkpoints to gain time and aim for the goal.

Finally both PS4 and PS3 owners can look forward to Q*Bert Rebooted. Q*Bert came back a few years ago, bringing his familiar gameplay style within 3D environments. This game didn’t really impress critics, but it did revive an icon of an era long gone. It might be worth just giving it a go to find out for yourself.

For Vita owners, get excited for 99 Vidas, a throwback to the classic era of side-scrolling brawlers. Play as six unique character who bring different skills to the table, such as their speed or strength, as well as special abilities. Move forward to take down the 99 Vidas.

It may not have some of last month’s charm, but April does still maintain a careful variety of games that might surprise you.


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