PlayStation Plus Offerings for January 2019 Announced

As we say goodbye to Christmas and move into the the new year, Sony has offered us the monthly gift of PlayStation Plus games. It’s not the biggest of months for Sony, but surely there will be something for everyone among the games offered in January.

PS4 users can look forward to Ubisoft’s Steep, an extreme sports title with a focus on a variety of winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. While also offering less traditional activities in the form of paragliding and wingsuit flying, the game has an online focus with all players inhabiting the same large world.

The PS4 will also get Portal Knights, a Minecraft-esque game which allows its players to build and explore in a sandbox world. Where this game is different is through a use of RPG mechanics, which offer a twist on the familiar build and explore formula.

On the PS3 side comes the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, which includes both of the PS2 games. You can also get Amplitude, a rhythm-based shooter that features many shapes and lines, each representative of a different element of a musical composition.

Finally, PS Vita owners can look forward to Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion, a fast-paced action RPG, which will also be available on PS4 via cross buy. Then there will be Super Mutant Alien Assault, a single-screen arcade-style action game that will require you to defeat all enemies quickly while proceeding through randomly generated levels. If you don’t defeat enemies quickly they become stronger.

There are the PS Plus games for January 2019. Remember that as of March, PS Plus will no longer be offering games to the PS3 or Vita.

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