Plenty of details revealed about The Order:1886

The Order: 1886 is literally right around the corner being set for release on February 20th. As the release gets closer new details are revealed and through an Interview Creative Director of the Order: 1886 Ru Weerasuriya revealed many things about the game including weapons, gameplay and even story:

Here is all the key details mentioned during the interview:

~ There’s no difference between high resolution and low resolution assets. Everything is as detailed as possible all the time.
~ Ready at Dawn wanted to revolutionize the physics for cloth and everything moving in the wind for the current generation.
~ The Airship Agamemnon actually belongs to the United India Company.
~ Sceneries are very expansive, and couldn’t be done on previous generation hardware.
~ A lot of study and research was made on airships and on how they were built in order to create the Agamemnon.
~ There are “plenty” different stealth finishing moves, and the ones you actually use depends on how well you approach the enemy.
~ All enemies can be killed with a single melee attack from stealth. Ready at Dawn wanted the world to feel as real as possible.
~ The TS-27 Inverter/rectifier by Tesla allows you to access certain areas and force certain doors.
~ While many of the weapons are fictional, their components are based on extensive research on what existed at the time. The shotgun can dismember people. They can lose legs, arms and heads.
~ When using the blacksight, you need to make sure you have enough ammo for your handgun, because you can’t use it with other weapons.
~ Ready at Dawn started with action games in order to learn the tricks of the trade of development. On the other hand, third person shooters are what they really loved, so starting the studio ten years ago was actually about reaching the point of being able to make a game like The Order: 1886. They knew they wanted to make it a long time ago, but they waited before making it. Ru Weerasuriya started writing the story for The Order: 1886 around 2005-2006. They needed to wait for the right console to make it. When they learned about the PS4, they knew it was the perfect marriage between game and console. New console, new game and new IP.
~ Ready at Dawn took a lot of risks on the technology side to make the game happen. The year 1886 is very important in the wider story-line of the IP. The story spans hundreds of year before, but in 1886 something happens that is very relevant, and that’s what The Order: 1886 is about.
~ There are ‘half a dozen to a dozen handguns,’ rifles, automatic handguns, the combo gun, the arc rifle, the thermite rifle and more. There are so many weapons that Weerasuriya actually never counted them. Melee weapons are more limited, there’s the blade and hand too hand combat (fists and such).
~ The knights are not physically enhanced. They’re very agile and very good at what they do because they have been doing it for hundreds of years. They’re not superhuman besides the fact that they live longer.
~ There are collectibles in the game, certain things you can pick up that will give you a ‘better idea of the world and a little insight into what is happening. You can also actually pick up newspapers and read whole articles.
~ There are no player-driven vehicles in the game.
~ Weerasuriya declined to comment on the presence of easter eggs, but there are a lot of “fun things” that are outside the core game, but they are still part of the world. They wanted to create things that aren’t necessary for the completion of the game, but allow for a little “fun” around it and provide more information.
The game is out very soon and hopefully this information will intrigue people to play the game, personally I don’t have any interest in this game but this latest information does certainly sound interesting.
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