Pokemon Platinum is Must Own

When assessing all of the Pokémon games that have been made for the Nintendo DS, Pokémon Platinum definitely dominates. This is due to the fact that it is like Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl combined, except with your own house at the end and the infamous legendary, Giratina.

Pokémon Platinum should be bought over Diamond and Pearl because it improved upon them. I picked up Pearl when it came out and fell in love. At first, I was reluctant to get Platinum, but I did because of how cool Giratina was. I since discovered that the graphics were better as well, and Platinum would become my new favorite Pokémon game for the DS.

Some of the improvements are small, but make the whole game better overall. The Pokétch tool in the games was improved in Platinum, allowing the game to be smoother throughout the story. Along with this, seals were made for your Pokémon when they come out of their ball, making the game a more personal experience. A big improvement with these little ones was the fact that gym leaders only use Pokémon of their expertise in gym battles, making them easier to counter and earn your badges.  The Distortion World, the place you obtain Giratina, is an added bonus.

Other changes include getting a villa at the end of the game and being able to re-challenge the Elite 4 with higher level Pokémon, making it easier to level up and challenge yourself. The Wi-Fi Plaza was also a big hit, similar to the Festival Plaza in the newest Pokémon game for 3DS, Sun and Moon. Trading eggs is even available, similar to Wonder Trade in newer Pokémon 3DS games.

The best improvement would be the number of Pokémon available: approximately fifty-nine more Pokémon are available in Platinum. There are other, minor improvements with the makeup of towns, but these don’t necessarily improve the game, just make it more aesthetically pleasing.

I sold my Pearl after I beat it for the notorious Platinum. Don’t get me wrong, Pearl and Diamond are good games, but Platinum beats them both.

Image from Toy TMA. 

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