Best Soundtracks: Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 has a famous soundtrack. Maybe it’s because it is like a rock album except for a video game, or because everybody knows City Escape even if they’ve never touched the game.

Each character has their own theme. My favorite was Rouge’s: she had the jazzy theme, representing her sassiness. Amy, the peppy one, had the upbeat music. I remember dancing around my room to the girly themes of Rouge and Amy. Knuckles had the rap music to complement his tough guy persona. Sonic had inspirational music about never giving up, because he is the leader. Eggman and Shadow, villains, shared the evil themes.

The variety in the soundtrack allows people of different ages and tastes to enjoy it. The music for each character and scene allows the player to understand how the character is feeling and enhances the atmosphere of each stage.

There is direction and purpose with the music: it tells the characters’ stories, not just a story between villains and heroes. The game represents being yourself and accepting all moods and genres of music, mostly rock, due to the time of its release. It is easy to enjoy the soundtrack because of the many moods and the characters, with whom you will relate. 

I definitely have some of the songs on my playlist.

Image from The Cutting Room Floor.

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