Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Australian Virtual Console pricing revealed

In less then a week old day Pokemon fans can go back in time and re-experience the game or games that started it all, or simply go and show there children where Pokemon began. It will be an exciting time when Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow return and the good news is (at least for those in Australia) you can now start preparing the money you will need in order to purchase the games on your 3DS. The Australian 3DS eShop is now listing a page for all three Pokemon games and with it has revealed the price of which Australian consumers will pay for the games, via the service you will need to pay $13 each or $39 all up which honestly is not that bad.

This pricing is actually quite good considering the slight changes made to ensure key features are still usable. Of course for the rest of the world this number will be a lot lower, but I don’t know the exact specifics on pricing in other regions at this time.

Source: 3DS eShop

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