Here are the results from the Pokemon Red vs Blue Splatfest

A huge battle was held in Splatoon yesterday and it was one for the ages, finally the Pokemon fans could take to the battlefield and fight to decide which game is better Pokemon Red, or Pokemon Blue (or if you lived in Japan Green vs Red). The battles were tough, the competition was fierce and who won this mighty battle that will be remembered for generations to come and we will all tell our grandchildren of, the winner might actually surprise you. Team Red had the numbers attaining more popularity, but by days end it was the folks in Blue camp that triumphed over their foes and came out with a victory, interestingly this was the case for both Europe and North America, of which you can see the North American results above.

In Japan it was team Green that pushed for victory, so in all cases Red was crushed. Sadly on all occasions team Red had the numbers but yet the Pokemon Blue and Green fans clearly wanted it more attaining more victories. So it has been decided which game is the best and everyone should play, I declare it to be Pokemon Blue which won this momentous battle, so I guess everyone is buying Blue from the Virtual Console next week. You can see the Japanese and European Splatfest results below:


Splatoon Pokemon Red and Blue Splatfest results Europe


Splatoon Pokemon Red vs Green Splatfest results

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