Pokemon Sun and Moon is adding a new multiplayer mode with Battle Royale’s

Every couple of years Game Freak likes to try and shake up the battle scene in the Pokemon games, in Ruby and Sapphire they added Double Battles, in Black and White they added the mostly forgotten Triple Battles, as well as Rotation Battles, and now there is a new battle form that has been freshly revealed at E3, the Battle Royale. Yes, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be adding this entirely new multiplayer game mode which will really up the ante of Pokemon battles (and give players a reason to work together to destroy the strong one).

Battle Royale’s will be full free for all battles allowing four people to battle it out, with the only known rule currently being that the first person to lose all their Pokemon will lose the battle. Hopefully Nintendo will grant us some more information in he near future to further detail the rules of these battles, and hopefully these will be a prominent part of our Alola journey.

Besides Battle Royale’s you can also see three new Pokemon, one of which we sort of knew about from the announcement trailer, and we have had character customization confirmed, you can see all this Pokemon Sun and Moon goodness in the trailer below:

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