Pokken Tournament includes local multiplayer on the Wii U

When it comes to my game playing habits I have always been pretty strict on how I do things and how I prefer to play. When I rarely played multiplayer when I was younger I was always happy and still as I get older I prefer this, online loses something and I can’t get it back. Either way the ideas of local multiplayer are dying, rarely any games use it these days so it is a relief when it is revealed that local multiplayer would be included. I had a feeling that Pokken Tournament would include local multiplayer but these days you can never tell so I am quite happy to be able to say that Pokken Tournament will feature local multiplayer as revealed by a special controller for the game. Local multiplayer will be handled with one player utilizing the gamepad and playing on the screen, while the second player will use a standard controller or special one and play on the TV. I don’t care that there is not much to say, it is just a relief that I can play local multiplayer in the game.

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