Memorable Gaming Quotes: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Strength comes in many forms, strength in body such as the ability to lift things and have some form of masculinity, there is strength in spirit meaning the ability to stand up and be strong, and there is courage. The latter may sound like something anyone can have but in truth it really isn’t, courage is one of the hardest strengths to attain in life, it is something that must be earned and can only be earned by a truly courageous act. Sure the power lies within but it is dormant, it is not until we know ourselves and are truly selfless that this power reveals itself and we become the person we are meant to be. By human nature we are timid creatures, most of us run from conflict, we hide within our own minds, or by cowering in a corner, but a select few can show moments of bravery setting aside themselves at times to help those truly in danger and gain the truest form of strength, courage.
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess explores the idea of courage and is truly best represented through the character of Colin, when we first begin our story he is a timid boy who gets bullied by the other children of Ordon Village.

For the meat of the game this still remains true, Colin remains timid relying more on the belief that against all odds Link will save them from the dangers they face. Although timid Colin shows greater potential for more, he looks weak to begin with but within him burn a fire that can be considered Link’s influence. Colin reveals to the player that his dad wanted him to find true strength and this is something that Colin never understands until particular moment, he wants to do the right thing and his situation during the events of the game offer him the opportunity to truly find the strength his dad was talking about. When a gang of Moblin’s attack Kakoriko Village Colin quickly springs into action to save one of his friends, no thought process just a showing of the true inner strength a showing of courage. This of course results in Colin getting captured by the Moblin and Link needing to save him, and upon rescue Colin says one of the most memorable and most meaningful quotes of the entire game.

“I… I think I finally understand. I understand what my dad meant when he told me I needed to be stronger, like you, Link…He wasn’t talking about strength, like lifting stuff. He was talking about being brave…”

Colin, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, 2006

Bravery or courage both mean the same thing and both are truly powerful, in the end the power always lies inside and we can see it in certain people. Colin always shows sign of this courage the truest strength and when needed he steps up and realizes what his dad always meant when he was told he needed to be stronger.

I love this quote as it is a great lesson and truly heartfelt in a particularly dark game, Colin discovers the greatest strength and we see the rippling effects as he grows and becomes what he is meant to be. Better still we can learn from Colin’s example, we don’t need the ability to be strong and lift things, no, we need to earn that one meaningful form of strength, courage. This quote lives with me, it epitomizes a life lesson from the game and shows one of the truest meanings of what it is Twilight Princess is really about. This emotional line truly speaks volumes for Colin as a character and for what truly defines strength.

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