Pokken Tournament penalizes rage quitters

Rage quitting is one of the video game industries most annoying things, you are mere moments away from winning a match whether it be a Pokemon battle, a fight in Mortal Kombat or any other online game and then they just quit. This is infuriating when it happens and shows just how much of a sore loser players of these games can be, however developers have been trying to combat this across varying games. Pokken Tournament is the latest game to work on finding a resolution with its penalty system which sees you lose some of the games currency pokegold if you rage quit.

Personally I don’t think this is a big loss as the currency is only there for you to purchase cosmetic items which is honestly minor. However those who like that kind of thing may think twice before quitting a match in a fit of rage because they lose, there is nothing more annoying.

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