See the varying character in action in new Hyrule Warriors Legends character trailer

Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U had plenty of characters to keep players happy, now with Legends heading to the 3DS we can look forward to expanding our horizons and playing as even more characters. With the likes of the Skull Kid, Linkle, Tetra, Toon Link and more there are a lot of characters to jump into the game and enjoy learning to play. But which character might be your favorite, which character is the one you will try to use the most?

This is a question asked in a new trailer for the game which shows off the varying playable characters in action. All these characters look awesome and fun to play as but who will be your favorite, you can watch the trailer below to see each character in action as they dominate the battlefield.

Personally coming from Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U my favorite character was Lana, but who knows maybe my character will change.

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