PS4’S Are Getting Scarce Again

After Sony’s PlayStation 4 sold over 6 million units in just 90 days since its release, the systems are remaining scarce on almost all online retailers. Also as the Japanese launch arrived today it immediately shot to number one in most Japanese online retailers, most notably the Japanese Amazon charts.


(The First Person To Get A PS4 In Japan.)

Sony and their PlayStation system has historically done well in the Japanese market such as even the PlayStation 2 in 2011 quite hilariously being able to outsell the Xbox 360, however this is most likely due to Microsoft’s incredibly weak hold on the Japanese console market with the Xbox 360 only selling 1.5 million units in Japan in 6 years. This does make some decent sense as both of the other major console manufacturers are Japanese All of this buzz which is currently surrounding the PS4 is causing a global scarcity, this scarcity will most likely transfer into the Japanese market as well.

PlayStation UK’s Fergal Garla has given an idea of when the system will be openly available again, saying. “…you might get a fortnight or a week here or there where it is openly available, but we should be back to free supply around April… that’s our best guess.”   

For you guys who are yet to own a PS4 or Xbox ONE, is it difficult to find a system in your area and how do you think Microsoft can appeal to the Japanese Audience? I would like to hear your opinions below.

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thomas denny
thomas denny
9 years ago

Its easy here in Keighley they have lots for sale even in cex and cash converters so come to west yorkshire for one