Quantic Dream founder David Cage says no sequel is planned for Beyond Two Souls

Quantic Dream have created some of the gaming industries most interesting and creative games, Beyond Two Souls never quite reached the levels of Quantic Dreams Founder David Cage’s previous work meaning Heavy Rain but it was never that bad. However those hoping that Cage might revisit Beyond Two Souls to make a sequel while talking with Playstation.com he made the statement, “there is no plan at the moment for a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls.”

The key reasoning behind this thought was due to Cage sharing the fact that, “We love starting new ideas and exploring different directions game after game.” Of course he has stated that there is no plan at “the moment”.

During his discussion Cage also referred to the state of the industry and how sequel’s play a big part, he had this to say:

“I know this is quite unusual in the industry, but we don’t want to make the same game ten times, or feel too comfortable only doing things we know,” Cage added. “We love the excitement of new risks to take, new things to try, new crazy ideas to explore; and see how our fans and the community will react.”

There is a bigger reason why there is no interest in a sequel to Beyond Two Souls at this time as Quantic Dream did recently reveal Detroit: Become Human which likely will take up most of the studio’s time. Who knows maybe in the future the ideas of Beyond Two Souls may be revisited.

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