Quantic Dream’s David Cage believes Beyond Two Souls is his least influential game

To Quantic Dream’s founder David Cage Beyond Two Souls is more of a personal game, unlike other games he penned the script for Beyond Two Souls strayed away from the influential territory and was more about himself. This is something Cage shared while doing a question and answer with Playstation.com, Cage shared the information that Beyond Two Souls was “probably the least influenced story I’ve written in my career.” It is because of his personal connection to the story that he feels the game is “far from the traditional influences of films or games.”

Cage shared the following information:

“There are probably many influences that players will notice, but I wasn’t aware of any while I was writing,” Cage explained. “The story is just a mix of feelings: how it feels to be abandoned, to be left aside at a birthday party, to feel desperate and alone, to be betrayed and to be homeless; and moments I have experienced myself.

“Although the plot evokes CIA and supernatural powers, it is not what the story is really about. For me, the most important parts are the underlying themes, the sub-text; and it was really fascinating how some people responded very positively connecting some moments of the game to things they experienced in their personal life.

“Playing with chronology was also something interesting to me. It may be disorienting for some, but experimenting with this different approach was truly fascinating and created a very different narrative experience for the players who started the game with an open mind and were ready to let the game take them on a very unique journey.”

If you are interested in Beyond Two Souls the game is now available on the Playstation 4 as a digital download via the Playstation Store.

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