Quantum Break headed to Window’s 10, new Quantum Break Xbox One bundle announced

Whenever something is exclusive there is always going to be calls to put the game on other systems though they know it is not going to happen, this falls into the likes of Nintendo’s first party lineup, Bayonetta 2 and a good range of Sony games. Of course not everything is quite as exclusive as a console game, in fact most of the time for those who play on PC but not Xbox One you don’t lose as a good portion of the games head to the system as is the case with another big Xbox One exclusive. For weeks rumor’s have been circulating that Remedy’s Quantum Break would be headed to PC as well as the Xbox One, this is a rumor no more as Remedy has confirmed a PC release giving perspective players another option.

The game will be headed to Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 10 and will release alongside the Xbox One version on April 5th. Notably if you preorder the Xbox One version of the game you will end up recieving a free PC copy as well, and this will even offer shared saves between the two platforms.

This was not the only Quantum Break news either, Microsoft has today confirmed another brand new console bundle.  The Special Edition Quantum Break bundle consists of a 500 GB Cirrus White XBO (with matching controller) and digital copies of both Quantum Break and Alan Wake. The bundle will be available for $349 USD starting March 29.

In addition to all this a new live action trailer has also surfaced showing off a little bit more of the games story and you can watch it below:


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