Rainbow Six Siege Announces New Season, 2021 World Cup

Online tactical shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2020. Fans were suspecting that this big date meant there would be some Rainbow Six news during the Ubisoft UbiForward stream but nobody could have predicted just how much good news would be announced!

First, Rainbow Six Siege is officially entering a new season of play. An expansion, entitled “Operation Shadow Legacy” will introduce Sam Fisher, an operative code-named “Zero,” to Rainbow Six for the first time. Fisher originated in and is the protagonist of Splinter Cell, another series penned by Clancy. Fisher’s role in the game was introduced via an animated short screened during the UbiForward event, which featured him serving in an instructor role, teaching tactics to other Rainbow Six characters. To learn more about how Fisher or is that “Zero”? will fit into the world of Rainbow Six, start playing “Operation Shadow Legacy” today!


If that weren’t enough, Ubisoft also announced that Rainbow Six Siege would be the centerpiece of a major esports event, the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup, which is currently planned to be held in 2021. Teams from 45 countries will compete in qualifying rounds to be one of the 20 teams selected to move on to the main event. This event, which represents a shift to “country-based” eSports tournaments rather than the more standard “team-based” ones, will be the first of its kind organized by Ubisoft.

Finally, a third announcement confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege would be coming to the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The development team is currently working on optimizing the graphics and performance of the game for a truly next-generation experience. This new way of playing Rainbow Six Siege is planned to release in late 2020.

This UbiForward event comes as Ubisoft is facing allegations of sexual harassment and employee mistreatment, which GameLuster has also covered. You can read more about the recent controversies here and here.

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