Random Game Trivia 7/15/14 phone numbers in video games

Did you know in several games there are phone numbers given that actually are connected to real life numbers, one of the biggest phone number issues in a game was in regards to The Last Of Us which had a phone number in it that if you called it you would be talking to a very bad place that deals in physical activity and the Naughty Dog actually got in trouble for this and had to patch the game and remove the numbers. This of course was actually just a random number and the developers never intended on any connections.

This idea was actually a different case in Infamous Second Son. All through Seattle in Second Son you can find a number on many of the Billboards, this number being 1-844- HELP-DUP. If you call this number by any chance in real life something really interesting happens, there is a recorded message on the other side speaking a message from the games antagonist. This of course shows the random numbers chosen were actually on purpose so that people could have an interesting thing to call and also ensured the mistake of The Last of Us and perhaps other games in the past.

I like this fact as it is interesting and phone numbers can be quite interesting if I ever find out about any more facts regarding phone numbers I will be sure to inform you in a future random game trivia.

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