Random Game Trivia 7/4/14 Assassins Creed Swimming

All franchises in the gaming industry have there facts that are hidden away, some of these to explain why something doesn’t work, sometimes to explain a character that was set to appear in a game but didn’t, there is just so much to know and as it seems there is always something new popping up for us to learn about the world, about ourselves, but more importantly for the context I am talking about I refer to games.

Today I have a nice little factoid for you that comes form the Assassins Creed franchise and it is quite interesting. The Assassins Creed franchise is filled with so much in the way of ideas, it has historical story and context, it has some of the best gameplay ideas in all of gaming and a good portion of the games are fun, I would just like to forget Assassins Creed 3 personally and who can deny jumping from rooftops to avoid enemy stares is not a blast, the rooftop tactic has gotten me out of many tough situations.

Today’s little bit of trivia relates to an old idea in video games which has been the plight of gamers existence if you lived in the 80’s these days it is not so bad. What I am referring to is water. In the original Assassins Creed game you had no ability to swim and I feel many people put this down to Altair’s own abilities suggesting he lacked the ability, but you would be mistaken in this line of thought. The instruction Manuel for Assassins Creed 2 actually highlights why you had no ability to swim in Assassins Creed 1, the reason was explained as it was a glitch in the Animus so you were unable to swim in that game. Obviously swimming must not have been important in the developers eyes when they created Assassins Creed and made it an after thought based on the players for the sequel.

I would actually like to see how the idea of not being able to swim would work in more recent Assassins Creed games as we know it would not work, just look at Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag it would not work at all if Ubisoft or the Animus if that is what they prefer had not added swimming. Clearly it is important and from what I have seen it has become a major staple in the franchise as t has gone on including spanning into a big ocean of water and many islands to swim from your boat to explore.

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