Random memorable gaming quotes – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Hey anyone remember that short lived weekly feature where I would talk about and analyze a gaming quote from a game that I found memorable, well it is back… sort of. I am bringing this feature back however it is more under the random category though, which implies I will only be doing this every now and then when I think of a memorable quote I wish to discuss. Surprise, Surprise I am doing another quote from the Zelda franchise, trust me this is simply because the Zelda series is so full of memorable quotes and ideas that the series regularly pops into my head, however unlike previous installments this week we are covering The Wind Waker in a quote I find truly memorable. I should warn you spoilers for the games ending follow.

Now you remember how people complained about The Wind Waker initially because it looked to childish, well for starters it wasn’t it was beautiful I had to put that out there, secondly the game had some seriously dark undertones that held a mirror of pure evil up to the adorable game and told us this is not what it seems. This was proven as we edged ever closer to the conclusion and officially outright stated at the very end, I think one quote should come to mind in this instance:

“The Wind it is blowing” – Ganondorf, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, 2003

These words are sort of haunting in a sense aren’t they, while the words sum up the basic premise of the Wind Waker it a short and clever statement ushered as our villains final words as he dies. But behind them really is something bigger, something deeper, while it is possible to theorize many things about this phrase, I am not here to do that, I am here to think about the words and just look at them and how they feel. Famous final words they say and I can think of none better then these, as your fight concludes far beneath the sight of the skies and the ocean we receive these words, “The Wind it is blowing”. This really does make you think about the words in the sense of evil but also in the sense of a new beginning like Ganondorf dying gives Hyrule new life bringing the winds of change to the once prosperous kingdom. On the evil side though could it go a whole lot further it is like Ganondorf suggesting the winds of change are blowing and while it could look better for Ganondorf things be a whole lot deeper as his evil spirit s set free to be carried on the winds only to return somewhere. These words are magical and at the same time are so beautiful it makes a stunning conclusion to the game and really draws back onto the games namesake.

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