Remedy Announces Week of “Alan Wake” Anniversary Streams

People celebrate anniversaries differently. Some have quiet, sentimental affairs. Others go for significant, lavish events. For Remedy Games, they’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of their sleeper hit title Alan Wake with a week of video streams on Twitch. The “Bright Falls Week” series starts on May 14 at 11 a.m. EDT. A full schedule can be found on Remedy’s Twitch page.

It seems hard to believe now, but when Alan Wake first came out as an Xbox 360 exclusive, it wasn’t the kind of game that made an impact like the Halo series. While the game was critically well-received, eventually holding a score of 83 on Metacritic, the public reaction was more muted. Remedy had planned for a full sequel, but due to the slow sales, it never got off the ground. Elements of the anticipated sequel would eventually make their way into Quantum Break, and the events of Alan Wake would be referenced in Remedy’s most recent title Control.

In a move that was probably surprising only to Microsoft, Alan Wake‘s most significant sales happened after the PC version came out on Steam, with Remedy reporting they had recouped their development and marketing costs within the first 48 hours. Despite occasional music licensing issues and Remedy buying back the rights to the franchise from Microsoft, Alan Wake is still available on both Xbox and PC platforms.

For fans and those who haven’t yet become fans, the “Bright Falls Week” streams will likely offer up a lot of behind-the-scenes history. The first stream will be featuring Sam Lake (writer), Matthew Porretta (the voice actor who played Alan Wake), and Ilkka Villi (the actor/model who provided the basis for Alan).

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