Reserve Splatoon at Toys “R” Us, get an amiibo for $5

If you were looking to get yourself a copy Splatoon and have yet to preorder the game then I think I have a good deal for you. Toys “R” Us is currently offering a special deal, if you choose to preorder/reserve the game through the store for a minimum price of $1 (though I imagine it would be better to put on more) you will be able to get an Amiibo figure for $5 when you pick up your copy of Splatoon. This deal does apply to the Amiibo of your choice (provided it is available) and I think this is a decent deal and could even be a good way for people to get hold of the Amiibo figures for Splatoon. Hopefully I have given you something to think about how you want to get Splatoon.

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