Resident Evil 6 Review

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Since January 19th, 2012 the hype for Resident Evil 6 has been crazy with wild speculation on what the final product would be and how it would compare to the previous entry or arguably the series highlight that change the direction of the series in Resident Evil 4! Okay well I’m definitely no stranger to the Resident Evil series after putting in a good amount of hours on the REmake for the GameCube (the slang for the GameCube Remake of Resident Evil) and the two previous Titles in the series! Resident Evil 6 already gets off to my good side since Resident Evil 4 was the first Resident Evil game that I can still play hours and hours on either my GameCube, Wii or PSN version (REmake was great but it got boring after beating it twice) and the gameplay is very similar to seven year game and the previous entry in 2009, with the addition of an combat action bar you now have the ability to kick or attack an enemy whenever you want instead of wounding somebody first with your weapon then attacking, but your combat action bar does have a limit and once you use it up you won’t be able to run until the bar refills back up!

Even with changing the controls closer to the resident Evil 5 Control style 1 template, and with changes with the inventory system and inability to exchange ammo between partners which makes it feel more like an action game now that your partner is almost never in any danger. (It may just be me but I’ve played thru the game 4 times now and I’ve never had to save my partner from a dying status!) I normally would prefer a control system like RE4 which Resident Evil 5 gave you the option it’s not that bad actually when you get the use of it, I’m

still able to go back to playing Resident Evil 4 HD on my PS3 without any problems! Now the biggest change is the system of upgrades, remember the merchant from Resident Evil 4 or how between your gaming sessions in Resident Evil 5 where you can sell your things and buy upgrades and weapons? well forget about it in Resident Evil 6 where Capcom decided to go old-school and have you find weapons throughout your progress of the game and instead of finding money in the game you now pick up skill points to purchase these upgrades such as infinite ammo for your handgun or giving your partner the ability to give your health tablets when reviving you! but enough about that, bottom-line is that might be or might not be what some people want but I fall into the category of those who don’t like it since you can only equip three upgrades at a time even though that’s my opinion! other downsides that might be just me is it seems the Quick Time Events can be sometimes impossible to get such as at times when the game wants you waggle your left joystick sometimes at speeds that if you can get might end up breaking your controller sometime down the line!

Now when you first start up Resident Evil 6 and after the first hour of playing the game might not give you the breathtaking cutting edge graphics Resident Evil 4 gave us Nintendo fans in 2005 near the end of the consoles life but there are some really impressive graphical effects with some enemies such as many of the bosses you see in the game or the javo you see in Chris’s campaign. To me the Zombies in Leon’s campaign seem pretty lifeless as you would expect in a Resident Evil game but they the enemies definitely get more impressive as you progress in any of the four campaigns available. Also as mention before the bosses in the game are met with high production value but there are parts when Jake’s story and Chris’s story share a boss and that shouldn’t much of a problem due to the fact they all look impressive! Though some bosses might confuse the hell out of you to beat (such as Simmons on the subway train in Leon’s story) you shouldn’t have much problem beating the game within a week in a half and maybe two days for experience Resident Evil Players! Also some parts might look worse than Resident Evil 5 but when you take the fact that there are much less loading times, bigger areas, and a lot more effects going on you can see why parts like the inside of the police car you enter in Leon’s campaign are kind of low res. and when you think about it, some crotocs even think that Resident Evil 0 and REmake look better than RE4 while those two games had prerendered backgrounds and less enemies on screen but overall I would say Resident Evil 6 looks better than the previous title with very few area as mentioned before with low res areas! And to me the game doesn’t provide the same atmosphere when it comes to music, In the Village of RE4 it would mostly be Eerie quiet tone but when enemies find you the music gets intense and when you find a saving type writer you here a calm and relaxing theme. Now I know Resident Evil 5 wasn’t too rememberable wither but this one seems to be just like Resident Evil 5 and I didn’t really remember any themes in the game besides the music that plays in the credits of jakes campaign because it was like the only real song in the game!

Replay value is almost endless with the game being nearly 3 times bigger than Resident Evil 5 including its DLC!

with over a hundred of medals being able to be awarded at the end of every chapter you will definitely have to play thru the game a few times to get them all and spend hours on the extra content they provide! There are tons of secrets to be found in every characters story such as serpent medals, skill upgrades, being to be able to play as Helena, piers, and sherry! And with agent hunt mode, and Mercenaries you get some of the best online modes REsident Evil has ever provided! Looking at footage of Resident Evil 6’s Mercenaries mode I thought it would be awful just seeing how the controls are but getting to actually play it for a while it can be said to be the best Mercenaries mode any Resident Evil game has offered! And that’s saying something after spending a countless amount of hours as Wesker and Hunk in RE4 (the two best characters in my opinion!) and playing Co-op on Resident Evil 5! I’ve played Resident Evil 6 online only a few times and it can be the best thing ever even when my internet connection was bad and it got laggy! And if you’re into comparing your stats with other players or friends you can look up other players on either PSN or Xbox live thru and compare your progress to other players! now I have spent very little time with agent hunt mode but I can say it is an online only mode where you can either play as a character from the game or one out of the many enemies from the game and hunt other players, it’s definitely nowhere near as fun as mercenaries but it is something of a competitive multiplayer game you can try out!

Well even with some faults with quick time events, repeated bosses, and just not being scary anymore! Once you get the hang with this game its can definitely be better than
the previous entry but don’t expect it to reach the legendary levels Resident Evil 4 hit 7 and half years ago! Other problems I haven’t mentioned is that this game
has well over 4 million units in just a day or so and yet as of October 20th it’s still so hard to find an online game in any of the modes even if it’s the story mode,
Agent Hunt mode is very short and has hard controls when playing as some of the enemies!

With its impressive graphics, okay gameplay, Leon campaign, and awesome Mercenaries mode,  Re4wii2008  gives Resident Evil 6 a 8.1 out of 10!

Want to see more of Resident Evil 6? well this is my first Review ever but you can see more at my YouTube Channel:
and also remember that this is a review of the PS3 version so I’m not able to review any of the DLC parts but that could be something I review in the Near Future!

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