Review: Mordhau – Entertaining, Online Chaos

If you’re looking for a serious online multiplayer game that accurately depicts medieval warfare in all its gritty glory and has a somber, upstanding fanbase….well, keep looking. On the other hand, if you like running around half-naked throwing firebombs and annoying dozens of people with poorly timed catapult shots, Mordhau is the game for you. Check out the video above to hear my thoughts and watch some shenanigans in my nomination for 2019’s Meme Game of the Year.

Developed by the Slovenian independent game studio, Triternion, Mordhau has detailed character customization to suit just about any playstyle. The objectives and mechanics are easy to pick up, and Mordhau’s main game mode, Frontline, truly lives up to the hack-and-slash genre. While Mordhau has some minor issues in terms of performance, the chance to truly embrace the spirit of Monty Python and the Holy Grail as you gallop on a horse playing sick tunes on your lute outweighs any server lag.

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