Popular “vehicular soccer” multiplayer game Rocket League recently transitioned to a fully free-to-play model, rewarding customers who had previously purchased the game with special “Legacy” items. Now, developer and publisher Psyonix have officially announced Rocket League’s first major event following this transition: a crossover with wildly beloved (and also free-to-play) battle royale game Fortnite.

The event, entitled “Llama-Rama,” will begin on September 26 at 3PM PT / 6pm ET and run until October 12. During this period, special “Event Challenges” will be available to complete. While the details of these “Event Challenges” have not yet been fully disclosed, Psyonix compared them to an alternate version of Rocket League’s standard in-game events, which involve winning a certain number of matches or emerging victorious under certain conditions.

Completing each Event Challenge will unlock one of the many event-exclusive items themed around Fortnite’s adorable Llama mascot. Llama-themed car decorations available during the event will include the Llama Wheels, Loot Llama Decal, Llama Topper and Llama Flyer Antenna. Put them all together and absolutely cover your car in bright blue and purple llama pride!

But wait – there’s more! If you successfully complete every single one of the Event Challenges during the Llama-Rama period, you will unlock a brand new vehicle: Fortnite’s very own turbo-powered Battle Bus! The Rocket League version of the Battle Bus features its iconic blue color, chunky wheels and amazing midair power. Plus, you can unlock a Balloon Antenna accessory inspired by the Battle Bus’s role in dropping players on the battlefield with the assistance of a giant hot-air balloon.

Rocket League is available for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows, Mac and Linux devices. Make sure to download it before the 26th so you can start participating in the Llama-Rama fun as soon as the event kicks off!

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