[RUMOR] Palutena Playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 4

Well I have another rumor for Super Smash Bros 4 , and its even better than PacMan rumor already shared. It looks like we have some 3DS screenshots of the new Super Smash Bros 4 that seem to imply that Palutena will be playable. Take a gander yourself below

Playable Palutena Mario and Palutena

SuperSah over neogaf has extensively check to see if this images are just fakes and here is his conclusion

Here’s the roundup:

The Mario is NOT in any previous screen.
Her model is NOT from KI:U
The Background is 100% original.

I checked this twice through my whole 3DS collection, looking legit.

Try not to hype incase it’s a good fake, lol.

So it looks like if this happens to be fake, they definitely did a very convincing job, as always Rumors need to be taken lightly.


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