Rumour: Super Smash Brothers Wii U arrives November 21st according to Gamestop Manager

If there is one game I have been anxiously waiting for a release date for it is Super Smash Brothers and no I do not mean the 3DS version which had a release date announced, no I mean the really good one being made for the Wii U. The release date may have actually just been leaked for the upcoming game by a Gamestop manager. Apparently the release date for the new Smash Brothers has been leaked to My Nintendo News specifying that each copy of Super Smash Brothers will come with an Amiibo figure and also the game will be released on November 21st. The manger in question and has chosen to remain anonymous and at this point in time it is truly impossible to tell whether this is true or false. So at this point the details are merely rumours but part of me is hoping that the release date is correct so I can have two great games to play on the same day even though this will most likely end up collecting dust until I am done with Pokémon Omega Ruby.

I will bring you any details about this being true or false as they arrive.

Source: My Nintendo News

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