Random Game Trivia 7/17/14 Game Endings

Getting the ending right in your game is as important as getting the correct beginning and on many occasions the way the game ends can ruin the game and really drag down an otherwise excellent game and with that finding the correct ending will help the player feel satisfied with a games conclusion. There have been many games over the years that have faced this issue Mass Effect 3 for one example is what I played recently and I was given a series of horrible endings that left me disappointed with any of the choices given. On a good note the way games like Bioshock and The Last of Us ended left the player satisfied because of the end result. To this day the words that ended Bioshock still ring in my head and make me happy. Often though we find that game developers don’t really strive to find a suitable ending and either pay the price for there mistake or just don’t care. Square Enix or Squaresoft as it was called back then is one company that while there more recent attempts with the Final Fantasy franchise have been met with failure they have tried to succeed in other ways. In Final Fantasy IX during the rising popularity of the franchise Square Enix actually changed the ending to the game six times obviously hoping to pull the best ending for the game possible, I have never played a Final Fantasy game let alone that one but I do hope they did succeed and there six changes led to the best possible conclusion.

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